Intimidating paintball masks

05-May-2016 12:36

There’s a ton of different masks on the market, and we recommend going with a full face one for the most part.We’re here to show you how to pick the one which is right for you, and then show off some of the best ones around in a little bit more detail.

While a hit on the torso or limbs is just going to leave a welt, there’s a lot of stuff vital to your senses, and your looks, above your shoulders and it’s a good idea to protect it.Lens fogging is a typical problem with any mask, but these masks feature a built-in air flow system at the nose and lens region to keep this problem from ever happening.Take a look at some of the masks below, and the equally amazing promo video.In paintball there are two pieces of gear that can give you a distinct advantage over other players on the field, and those two pieces are the marker and the mask.

While the style of paintball you play (speedball, woodsball, rec ball) can have a big impact on what type of marker fits you best, picking a mask is much easier as it will serve you well no matter what.This mask is also one of the best when it comes to dealing with fog as it has plenty of ventilation and a thermal lens – making it perfect for those who live where it’s hot and humid. So if you’re considering buying the Dye I4 then make sure to read the rest of our review so you can decide if this is the right paintball mask for you.