Arrowhead dating

23-Jun-2016 16:59

Welcome to Projectile Points Arrowhead Identification Guide, the largest most comprehensive on-line identification guide.We currently have over 1,200 unique points listed, and many more points soon to be listed.Definitions of Terms Used Point Pages; about each section and how references are used About Searches and Listing Native American Cultural Periods References Used Citing this website and about the authors Special Thanks Contact Us Would you like to get involved in local archeological activities?Contact a local Archeological Society, and get involved.An arrowhead was the blade or point that was made of bone or stone, and later metal that was fixed to an arrow.Arrowheads may be attached to the shaft of the arrow with a cap, a socketed tang, or inserted into a split in the shaft and held by a process called hafting which meant fitting the arrow shaft to the arrowheads.Before the Bow and Arrow was introduced into prehistoric North America, the weapon of choice was the atl atl, or spear thrower.

I also have for sell ancient tools such as birdstones, bannerstones, axes, picks, gorgets and many more ancient relics made from flint, hardstone, chert, slate, shell, bone, canal coal and many other materials and specialize in paleo, archaic, woodland, mississippian periods from all over the U. NOTE: RECENTLY I HAVE DISCOVERED ON A CERTAIN AUCTION SITE (Eb##) THAT THERE ARE SOME REPRODUCED COA'S THAT LOOK LIKE MY COA'S BUT HAVE BEEN ALTERED WITH A DIFFERENT ARTIFACT ON THEM.Having a large, heavy stone atl atl projectile point on a small arrow would effectively force the arrow to suddenly dive once released; Sort of like having a duck with a five pound head trying to fly. Rule of thumb: Small projectile point = arrowhead; Large projectile point = atl atl dart point.